At Dojo Software, we want to improve quality of life for patients and clinical users of medication-software in the healthcare sector.
Therapy is a feature complete medication management system that has supported hospitals in optimizing their clinical and logistical processes for almost 20 years.

Therapy integrates to various EPJ and pharmacy stock systems and is a cornerstone in mission critical solutions that hospitals are providing today. It has been used in 6 European countries and their wide range of hospitals has played a major role in building a feature rich system that scales to the customers needs.

Using an innovative approach, users of Therapy can manage patient's medicines at admission, during treatment and to the time of discharge. The goals are simple: improve patient safety, reduce medical errors and provide the staff with the right tools to do their job in an efficient manner.

The employees at Dojo have been working on Therapy for almost 20 years. They are excited to continue developing Therapy in close cooperation with current and new customers.